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Criminal Law/harassment from a neighbor


tom thumb wrote at 2013-03-11 13:30:25
You have a right to privacy. I would contact your local Attorney Generals office and explain the situation to them so they can inform you of your rights.

You may be able to take your neighbor to court and ask the Judge to order your neighbor to cease and desist their activities because they are disturbing the sanctity of your home, your right to privacy and peace since this is harassing behavior. This is a valid and legal complaint and may also require a restraining order against your neighbor.

You may have to resort to fighting fire with fire. Consider installing a motion detector light & aim it at her house. When she tries to photograph you, the motion detector light will turn on & distort her photos.

Consider buying some Chimney Cleaning Logs. Also, begin photographing her behavior. Get your kids smart phones and have them record this behavior. Go to other neighbors and have them sign a petition against this woman. Go to the local neighborhood watch & file a complaint. Take the petition to the landlord & request an eviction notice. Get signed eye witness statements from other neighbors who have seen this hateful behavior. All this will be evidence which will support your case.

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