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My husband & I are currently in the process of preparing to move from California to Missouri & recently discovered he had been a victim of credit card fraud. Ironically I am an eye witness as I gave the persons involved a ride to the Western Union location where one of the counts of fraud was commnitted. Is our presence going to be required in court when these individuals are prosecuted? We can neither afford to stay in California til then nor will we be able to afford to commute back when the time comes. Do we have any other options?

If the State requires your presence, then the State is obligated to pay for your travel back for testimony. If there is video evidence which there should be, (Western Union)then that may encourage the person(s) to plead to the charge in lieu of a trial. I would call the prosecutors office and explain your problem and I think you will find they will help you. If I can help further, do not hesitate to contact me.

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