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Id like to thank you for your help in advance! I have a an old high school friend and who I have kept in touch with over the years as we used to be very close. My friend has never been in any trouble before this. I got a collect call about three weeks ago that my friend, his gf and another person had been arrested for fraud. The Rcmp were ruthless breaking one of their arms in half during there take down. They weren't and never had been armed a week after the arrest my friend was released on bail his Id and passport not returned so another friend flew out and rented a car and drove back home.  His gf is still in jail, a lawyer told her there are 13 new charges against her and there was nothing he could do. If she has 13 charges then they found some on him will/can they issue a new warrant for his arrest kind of time are they looking at? in your opinion


The short answer is yes, a new warrant can be issued.  I am not sure what the prison time could be as I am not sure what the charges are and the extent of the crime(s) being prosecuted.  I would suggest that your friend obtain the services of the best attorney he can find/afford.  Without knowing the details I agree it is a big mess and is most likely very serious.  


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