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QUESTION: Respected Mr Jack toomey it's my pleasure to know you from this site very accurate information you been providing to helpless people like me, God bless you keep it up!
Mr Jack my best friend was working at a Retail Location one morning detectives showed up at his work place and showed him the picture of a Oldwomen who was a customer at his location.she went to Local police station and file a complaint against him that he like to have intercourse with her and like to date with her she is around 55 years and he is ten years younger then her, detectives came and spend only five to six minutes asked him few questions and left saying everything is in the LAB and left.
It was in around February or march 2011 after that there was no any complaints or any charges were file neither that women showed up. what is the Statute of limitation for the complaint?
Can he contact any attorney? Or shall he contact the detectives?
Please advice and truly appreciate your help in this matter.

ANSWER: Samuel,

This is very odd.  Are you saying that the complaint that your friend "wanted" to have sex with the woman or he DID have sex with her?  If evidence was submitted to the "lab" then it sounds like there was some contact between the two people.

You asked about the statute of limitations.  If he merely asked her to have sex that is not even a crime.  If he DID have sex and she is claiming it was a rape then its a felony then there is NO statute of limitations.

If I was your friend I would be asking the detectives what the status of the case is.  If he is still be investigated for a felony charge then he certainly needs an attorney.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Respected Jack i am truly sorry i think i made a mistake in the question and the way of the details Explanation.
My friend Never had any kind of relation with the women, neither he had any sex nor any physical relations. The whole scenario was she parked the car on the business premises and leave the car unattended for few hours
at one point he was about to tow the car but he found out that it was the women's car who happened to be his customer as well they have only 20 min parking but she left the car for many hours and go for lunch or dinner
in the neighborhood restaurants, so she didn't like it the way he approached her and gave her the ultimatum not to park for more then 20 to 25minutes
that's when she went to to police station and file a fake complaint he was not aware of those allegations she have made. He was on vacation so detectives came after he return to his work from his vacation. She claim that he tried to have sex with her and claim that my friend like to date with her.which was total lied. Detective came and look around his  work place enter his work area observe everything and ask few questions and left. That was it..I hope i have make it easy for you. I am sorry for the inconvenience.


Lets be honest here.  No one goes to all of this trouble to inquire on behalf of a "friend".

If its been over a year since the detective talked you and you haven't heard anything about such a trivial matter then I would not worry about it.  However if it makes you feel better do as I first suggested.  Call  or visit the detective who you talked to a year ago.

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