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So my boyfriend and his ex broke up a little over a year ago... Ever since she has been calling me names like whore, home wrecker etc. at first I ignored it but eventually it really got under my skin when it because a racial situation and I was being called a "nigger bitch" and other things similar. My boyfriend had multiple text messages from her calling me names and threatening his car is she hears that he has been talking about her. So a few months pass with just an occasional text or social media interaction , no biggie. Until she tries to tell me that my boyfriend cheated on me and that since I am African American I am leaching off the government while in college. I lost it and we exchanged a series of extremely rude and lewd insults. She then proceeds to get on the popular social networking site Instagram and comment below every single one of my pictures with derogatory comments (have screenshots to prove this) and after that it died down a while. I was on a different networking site when I receive a friend request from her asking if we could be friends and cordial so I said sure, but as you can imagine that fell out and we were back to arguments. Fast forward 3 months, I get a call saying that she says she has pressed charges on my boyfriend and he should turn himself in and I'm next. This is ridiculous. My boyfriend and her have had no contact but she says she gets texts from textplus numbers which are sent via Internet signal and not phone signal. He says it was not him but more than likely her with a fake account, how do we prove this? Can we have the police track the numbers she has provided as "evidence"? Could we press counter charges for slander? I know this is such an immature case... Would they even bother with it? Is what the girl and I both did harrassment ? Or is neither punishable by law? And how do we find out if there even is a real warrant? Sorry for the long post and many questions . I just can't find the answer anywhere.


The only thing you can do is to document what type of harassment you have been subjected to and then take the information to your local police and ask that they prosecute.  If they do not you have the option to take your information to the lowest local court of jurisdiction and file a private complaint of harassment.  In that action you would prosecute the complaint yourself and let the judge decide.  Those are your only options.  

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