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QUESTION: I don't know if you can help me. I sorta found your site at
random. I have a question. I have a neighbor that has what
I think is a hidden security camera. Its hidden in a floodlight.
Its a thing you really cant prove. Are there people with
equipment that could prove a person has a hidden camera?
I always wished the police could do something like that.
I really dont want to take action on anything yet. I just
want it proven. I also know people can have security cameras they
just cant have them aimed in someone's window. My question
for now is..Can an expert tell of someone has a hidden
camera? Could a policeman tell? Could a policeman stand on
my property and aim something electronic up at the floodlight
and say "ya thats a camera" (if it is one)


There are no devices that can detect a hidden camera.  What makes you think that he has a camera and why is it important?  Many people have cameras and some towns and cities have cameras on every block.

Why not just ask the guy if he has a camera?  

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QUESTION: We have sort of had a feud with a neighbor for many years.
We put up a Camera to protect our driveway. We feel in
retaliation they put up "several cameras" all around their house.
We saw a news story that said. security cameras are legal
as long as they are not aimed in someone's window. One camera
they have, is aimed at our window. Our "one camera" is not aimed
at any windows they have. In terms on camera detection,
according to this on YOUTUBE..there is something that
detects cameras..

Find ANY Hidden Camera That's Watching You

CBS Early Show Teaches Viewers How To Protect Themselves From Hidden Cameras

This is the cameras we believe the guy has...

Whatever you saw on television is not necessarily true.  There is no law that covers all 50 states so television producers just throw stuff like that out there because it sounds good.

In MY state there is certainly no law like that.  Now you cannot have a camera INSIDE someone's bathroom or bedroom but that is not what is happening in your case.

If you think that the law is being broken then call the police.  Perhaps it is illegal in YOUR state to aim a camera at a window.  

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