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With out going into too much detail, and I will be happy to provide any info you'd like, I have received three "anonymous" letters from my son's stepmother from November 26, 2012 - yesterday, 2/14/13. One similar to it was sent in Nov. 2011, however, my husband threw it away before I saw it. I was married in 1993 -  divorced in 1995 to my ex, her spouse. My son is a sophomore in college, and as ridiculous as it sounds, she has a problem with me because I am his mother. I know they are from her, because after the first one, I sent something anonymous to her and she answered it. There are various other facts that point to her, but I haven't had them analyzed legally. My question is,what, if any legal action could I /should I take?


I suppose it depends upon the nature of the letters.  If they are threatening in nature to your health, welfare, or safety, etc. you could take them to your local police department for investigation.  You could also create copies and give a set to your ex-husband to let him determine if they came from his wife and let him craft a solution.  Your last solution would be to file a private prosecution at your local magisterial office for harassment. The petition would need approval from the district attorney's office and you would have to pay for the process but the judge has the ability to determine guilt and can assess a fine.  

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