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I have what may be your most ridiculous question to date, nevertheless I'd greatly appreciate your input. I parked my car in a space that was not assigned to the doctor I was visiting. The sign said the space was reserved for patients of doctor "X", it did not say violators will be towed, it simply stated reserved. When I came out of the building a bold yellow sticker was placed in the center of the driver side window. This was a permanent sticker, so to speak, not easily removable, hence my problem. I could not remove all of the sticker/residue therefore my line of sight was/is/has been impaired. Second, I still cannot remove the remainder of the sticker from the window. I just purchased my car, I am fearful of damaging the window, I'd like to take the car to have the sticker removed. Do I have any recourse? I understand I did mistakenly park in another doctors space, however, placing such a sticker on my car seems like a form of vandalism to me.
Thank you very much for any assistance.


Its not anywhere near the most ridiculous question.  I know exactly how you feel because people used to come into the police station all of the time complaining about private property owners plastering their cars with stickers that would not come off.

It might be vandalism but its not the crime of vandalism.  Big difference.  In order to commit the crime of "Vandalism", if that is what it is called in your state (in mine its called Destruction of Property), there has to be criminal intent and clearly that is not the case.

We used to refer people to civil court and suggest that they sue whoever put the sticker on the car for the damages and labor that it took to remove the sticker.  Having said that I don't recall anyone actually doing that.

I'd send the doctor a registered letter asking him to pay for the removal of the sticker and see what happens.

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