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QUESTION: I use to live in a very bad area. The police were called numerous times on these two women that lived in the apartment below mine. They were called for domestic violence. The police would only verbal threaten them to stop. At 245 in the morning I went down to ask them to please stop. The woman started threatening me and had a metal broom in her hand. I was on the stairs leaving and she continued to advance towards me while threatening me.  I then maced her and ran to my car. The cops showed up.. took her story and mine. The woman lied on her police report and the cops said I did nothing wrong. Now the state of FL has summoned me to court for charges of battery on criminal level.

What Do I do?

ANSWER: Hannah,

If you are charged with a criminal offense you need an attorney.  There is no way that you can defend yourself against this charge by yourself.

Either retain an attorney or seek the services of the public defender if you qualify.

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QUESTION: I have not been seen my a judge yet. Do I ask to get one after I am seen? I wasn't even arrested plus the cops didn't arrest me or said I did anything wrong.     Thanks!

You said "FL has summoned me to court for charges of battery on criminal level".

Assuming that this means that you were served with a summons charging you with a crime that means that you NEED an attorney.  Obviously this crime carries a jail sentence.

You don't "get one".  If your income level is below what Florida decrees then you have the right to visit the public defenders office and they make the decision whether they will defend you.

I have no idea if you did anything wrong.  I wasn't there.  All I know is that you appear to be charged with battery.

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