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I have been sick since I was about 13. I would not leave my house much to make a long story short. I go to the mall a lot and see the same people a lot. The other day I saw a lady who I buy glasses from sometimes. And I said loudly "hey sunshine of my life how are you" something to that affect. She looked shocked. I felt as though I had done something inappropriate. I went up to her and she told me something to the effect that I had crossed the line. I told her I was very sorry, and apologized. She informed me that she knew someone in the local PD.

My question to you is, have I committed a crime? I really don't talk to that lady anymore. I am from Texas, and am ready for an honest response.


No, in my opinion you have not committed a crime.  Perhaps she was offended for some reason.  If so, she should have told you why instead of threatening you with her contact at the local police department.  Regardless, I truly believe you are fine and will not be arrested.  

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