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My ex-roommate picked up and left to Charleston, South Carolina. His name is still on the lease with a month and half left of rent payments. He has refused to answer my communications through text and has blocked me on social media. I have a small inclination of where he transferred his job and an email. Is it worth going through a civil suit, finding him and bringing him to court to get him to pay when the lawyer cost on top of my half of the rent would have a similar cost to me just paying the remaining rent myself? What actions could I take vs. what I should?


With only a month and a-half left it might be easier and cheaper just to suck it up and move on.  You could file a civil suit against him for the breach of contract and recover the rent and lawyer fees.  You are not talking about a lot of money so I would suggest modifying the lease with a new roommate if you stay or moving into an apartment you can afford on your own.  There will be times when we have to endure these injustices in life.  It is not fair but in the final analysis you have to decide on whether you want to chase him around or not for a small amount of money.  Forget him, wrap up the lease so your credit does not suffer, and move on.  Just my $.02.  

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