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Mr. Hauck,

My 14 year old daughter I believe is being coerced and possibly threatened into staying in a relationship by her 17 year old boyfriend. He will make suicidal threats on a social website that I believe are aimed at my daughter. An example of one of his threats would be;
     "Why should I live anymore? She doesn't want to see me. I'm going to lay down on the train tracks and kill myself."

He has done this numerous times and only does it when the two of them fight. He does not mention her by name in the posts. He also uses photographs of pills, cut wrists with extensive bleeding (which I do not know are his but he has admitted to cutting himself) and my daughter has said that she's afraid that he would kill himself if she breaks up with him.

First, is this considered coercion and second, does this change when he turns 18?

I appreciate your time.



Unfortunately this type of behavior does not rise to the level of criminal coercion.  The behavior is indicative of possible mental illness on the part of the boyfriend. It could also be a ruse by the boyfriend to make your daughter feel guilty about breaking off the relationship.  Hard to say.  My suggestion would be to inform your local police of the situation and have them generate a report which explores both options.  I would ask that the police speak with the boyfriend and inform him of your daughter's desire to end the relationship.  If his behavior persists I would track it and report it so you have the foundation to request a Protection or Restraining Order from the court.  It is imperative to get law enforcement involved early for your daughter's protection.  At the very least the police may be able to influence the boyfriend's parent(s) to seek out professional counseling for him.  

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