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Criminal Law/letting my son steer vehicle on my lap


Could I go to jail or is it a felony for allowing my 8 year old son to steer the car while sitting on my lap. We were in the back of my addition anda lady followed me and called the cops telling them she has to slam on her breaks to avoid a head on collision. That never happened. The officer came to my house and said he could rest me for neglect and child endangerment and a few other things. Not sure that was enough for me. He told me to never let it happen again but said I may be summoned to court. What can happen? She was just upset I am assuming because I allowed my son to do this. I understand now but those charges could haunt me for life. I would never do anything to harm my son.


I really don't think so.  What the Officer was most likely considering is the fact that your child should have been properly seated with a booster and safety belt during operation of the vehicle.  Having the child steer while sitting on your lap is a distraction that could have caused a collision.  I don't think these violations rise to the level of a felony though.  It is likely that the Officer gave you just a verbal warning.  If, however, you would receive a summons I would contact a qualified attorney who specializes in traffic violations.  

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