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Thank you for agreeing to help with this assignment.  Here are the questions:

Your opinion on how crime relates to rights and responsibilities?

How the punishments relates to rights and responsibilities?

Would you know the most common crime committed 25 years ago and the most common punishment given for that crime?

How have punishments changed over the last 50 years?

Are there new types of crimes being committed over the last ten years?

Thank you for your time.


1.  Crime relates to rights and responsibilities under Western morals, mores, and values in a very direct and civilized manner as the United States legal system struggles to balance the rights of the accused so that a person is considered innocent until proven guilty.  Under the U.S. Constitution a person is guaranteed the right to confront their accusers, have a trial by jury, and protection against self-incrimination.  Many states have adopted victim's rights as well by ensuring that they are compensated and "made whole" to the highest degree possible.  

2.  Punishments relate to rights and responsibilities in this Nation in a very humane and civilized way as well.  The U.S. Constitution protects those convicted of crimes from cruel and unusual punishment.  That is the basis of a prisoner's rights.  It is the responsibility of society to ensure that justice is meted out and that inhumane conditions are eliminated as much as possible.  The most common form of punishment is incarceration.  This has not changed.          

3.  The most common crime committed 25 years ago was larceny-theft.  The most common punishment for that crime was incarceration less than <6 months and fines.

4.  Yes, punishments have changed over the last 50 yeas where as a society we are instituting more community based corrections programs such as probation and parole in lieu of incarceration and many states have suspended or abolished their capital punishment or death penalty programs.  

5.  There are many new crimes being committed over the last ten years dealing with identity theft and other Internet based crimes of fraud, etc.        

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