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I received a jury summons, and on the form they ask if 'you ever have been involved in a court proceeding other than jury service.'
And if yes, want you to check off if the case was civil, criminal, traffic, or as a witness. Over 20 years ago I was convicted of a misdemeanor criminal case, but if I check that I don't want to be questioned in court about it, especially in front of others. Would they even do that? Or, if I checked no because it was so long ago, do they do a criminal background check for potential jurors? What do you advise doing? Thanks


I advise doing the right thing.  It is not to have a "clean" jury so to speak.  That is nearly impossible.  The reason for these type of questions is to get a feel for how you might sympathize with the defense and in some cases the prosecution.  You could hand write that you don't want to be questioned in front of others about it.  The attorneys have protocol to follow too.  Who knows, there is a good chance that by checking the block you might get disqualified from the juror pool.  They might notify you by mail or when you arrive at the courthouse.  I hope this helps.


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