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Don't know if you can answer this or not but maybe you can. My mother recently died in Texas and I will drive there from Colorado for the funeral, as well as bring back some of her personal items. She has a cabinet with several bottles of liquor that are years old and many of them have been opened. I have a hatchback with no trunk, if I were stopped for a traffic violation and the police see I have those in the car, even in a closed carton in the cargo area, would I be ticketed under the 'open container' law?   Thanks


Sorry for the late response but something must have gone wrong.  I answered this question within a few minutes of receiving it back on the 20th but somehow it appears that you didn't get the answer.

While not giving you permission to carry open liquor bottles in your car I don't think that you will have a bit of trouble.  These laws were passed to prohibit open beer cans in the passenger compartment.  Not in the trunk.  Just to be sure wrap them up with newspaper and secure them all in the cargo area or all the way in the back.

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