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So i was arrested in the state of indiana for a demestic battery charge and bodily harm class A misdemeanor i was released on a pr bond but i left the state of indiana and did not appear to court also the victim did not appear either they sent out a bench warrant for my arrest for skipping court its my first offense it was an altercation between me and my ex we got into an argument and i accidently hit him with the door not realizing he was behind it we lived in a apartment together he called the police and told them i hit him on purpose but he did not want to press charges he only wanted me to leave but my name was on the lease and because i refused to leave my home the officers arrested me i spent four days in jail and was released i had to leave the state because did not have a place to stay i am currently in Florida and i want to know what can happen if i get stop here in Florida i was told they will not extradite me because it a minor offense and i am a first time offender and if i were picked up in florida and they decide not to extradite will i still due time in florida


I have no way of knowing whether Indiana will extradite you from Florida.  Only the police department that has the warrant would know that.

In the worst case scenario if you had an encounter with an officer and he checked to see if you were wanted you would be arrested, taken to jail, have an extradition hearing, and then wait for Indiana to come and pick you up which could be weeks.  Then you would stay in jail in Indiana until the case was called.

You are now a fugitive no matter how much you are trying to sugarcoat it.

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