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Criminal Law/Theft of goods under 500$ plus fugitive warrant for failure to apper in court


I was charged with theft of goods under five hundred   And ended up with a fugitive warrant so I called the judges office trying to figure out what was going on the secretary who answered the phone told me the only way I can take care of it was going to booking and processwhich held a bail of a maximum of 2000 throughout all of this the charge for theft of goods under 500 is for a safethat was stolen from my mom's ex-boyfriend he then said he thought I would be the only one to have done it I also have an eyewitness who is with the group of peopleWho stole the safe written in statements and none of them have my name specifically saysThe oh fendersnames Who stole it one of these offenders was charged in court for simple burglary theft of the safe etc. etc. how can I fight this without being stuck in jail


You have broached several issues so I'll try and address them in order. First, the secretary is correct, once you have been charged and entered into NCIC, you have to present yourself at the police station to be "processed" and have the warrant executed so they will clear your entry in NCIC. However, prior to doing so, we would strongly suggest that you obtain counsel and have them  approach the District Attorney about having your bail amended to Released on Own Recognizance (ROR) because you made atrrangements to turn yourself in once you learned of the warrant. Succinctly, you didn't flee upon learning of the warrant - you never knew a warrant existed. Once you did, you immediately made arrangements to turn yourself in.

Upon your release on bail, your attorney can start investigating the charge and the alleged evidence they have against you. However, the first order of business should be getting an attorney and then turning yourself in as an act of "good faith" for the Judge and the DA.

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