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Dear Jeffrey Hauck,

Thank you in advance for offering your time. You may think my question is very silly, but I'm sincerely curious about how it might apply in New York law, or if it does not vary by state.

In light of the latest "he said, she said" that's being bandied about in the press regarding the biological father of Ronan Farrow and whether he "might be" Frank Sinatra's son, would Woody Allen be in a position to hire a lawyer to investigate further, i.e., require an independent entity to perform a court-mandated DNA test to prove Mia Farrow's son Ronan's paternity?

It seems that, because Mia and Woody never married and always kept separate apartments, the usual marriage laws might not apply, but I have no idea if Woody Allen would have the right and/or the recourse to challenge Mia's veracity in court. Could she refuse to submit her son for testing, as she refused to take a lie detector test back in 1992 regarding the child molestation allegations? Or would Ronan be the one to be called to take the test, and if so, could he refuse?

Again, I know this is celebrity nonsense, but I've developed an interest in learning just what legal rights Woody Allen might have in recovering paid child support plus emotional damages if the DNA test determines that Ronan is not his son.



In light of Mia's statement Woody Allen could attempt to obtain a DNA sample from Ronan.  Due to the fact that Ronan is an adult he could refuse.  I personally feel that Allen does not care and has established a relationship with his son.  Allen alleges that Mia is vindictive and has falsely implanted stories into Dylan's mind.  Is he right? We may never know.  As for Ronan's paternity Allen could request it just so he knows the truth.  At this point the only thing it could change is Ronan's claim on Sinatra's estate and whether or not Allen changes his status in his will.  


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