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A place where i use to work have made allegations against me of theft, about 3 weeks later i got a call to come down to the station, then i was arrested and charged, i went for an interview with the officer, i answered his questions and he showed me a video footage, you cant see who the person is, but I'm being accused of being that person.

can you answer this for me please.


I am not a close student of UK law, but i will do my best.  I am not sure exactly what your question is here, so I will give you my impression of what I think you are asking.  First and foremost if you were charged, arrested, and then were officially questioned or interrogated by the police you are absolutely their main, and perhaps only, suspect.  Apparently they feel confident with the evidence against you.  At this point the only thing you can do is retain the best criminal defence counsel you can afford.  You need to start working on your defense and to show as much exculpatory evidence as possible to include any alibi you might have.  It seems that if you do not actively defend yourself you might face fines and incarceration commensurate with the crime you have been charged with.  I am not sure what the burden of proof is that the prosecution has to show, but you must take measures to defend yourself.  


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