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In 2009 i was placed on 2 years felony probation in illinois but i had it transfered to arkansas. After a few months me & my probation officer had a dissagreement bc i refused to go to the particular rehab she said i had to go to. I refused to go bc it was not a Christian based rehab. I never heard from her since but a warrant appeared for probation violation back in illinois. Why isnt the warrant in arkansas? It is 2014 now & i still have the warrant. My probation end date has long passed. The only info about different possibilities of what will happen in court are for court appearances that are prior to probation end date. Since it is long past the end date, does it change what the court will do when i finally turn myself in? Iv talked to police in arkansas & they said i wont get extradited for the violation, so if i continue to stay in arkansas & stay out of trouble will i be okay? What will eventually happen? Im wanting any info i can get so i can determine whether i can continue as i am or turn myself in


The problem lies with the fact that you still have an outstanding warrant and were not given credit for completing the program.  I think the police in Arkansas are right, however you will always be living with the warrant.  My suggestion is to talk to the court.  They will be able to see that there was no communication in Arkansas after your refusal to go to that particular rehab.  I think it will reflect positively on you with the court as it will show you are concerned about trying to complete your program.  You probably should try to get this whole thing behind you.  Take care.


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