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Long story short, back in 2001-2002'ish I had a roommate who decided to help herself to my checkbook and write some checks, which drained my account. In the meantime, I had written several checks thinking I had the money. This left me with bounced checks. I paid for all of the checks and cleared everything. There were 5 different county prosecutors I had to deal with.

County 1 & 2- I never appeared in court, simply sent them a money order for the checks and everything was cleared.

County 3 - went to court, they gave me 90 days to pay and I believe a SIS. Told me basically not to get in any trouble for 9 months and everything was good.

County 4 - went to court. Paid "bond" which covered the cost of the checks. Put me on court supervised probation for 3 months. Told me if I moved or got in trouble to contact the courts, other than that I was good.

County 5 - This one didn't get taken care of til 2005. I didn't know about it. I hit a roadblock, had a warrant, went to jail and bonded out. Went to court, judge said bond was enough to cover check, asked if I was good with taking the check amount from bond and returning rest of bond. I said yes, he said ok we can dismiss this.

I recently performed a background check with the highway patrol office and that said:

No Match Notification

A statewide search of the identifiers below has revealed no criminal conviction or sex offender information on file. Fingerprints were not provided and thus the result of the search cannot be guaranteed.

Now to my question:

I am filing out the application to sit for my CPA Exam and it asks the following question:

Have you ever been found guilty, or entered a guilty plea or nolo contendre for any offense other than minor traffic violations in a criminal prosecution under the laws of any state or of the United States, whether or not sentence was imposed, including suspended imposition of sentence or suspended execution of sentence?

How do I answer this? It also ask for dates. Would I include just the case that I actually had to appear in court on or include all the ones that were dismissed upon paying?


This can be a difficult question to answer as it evokes many fears.  However, it is my opinion that you answer it honestly.  I would admit to what happened and explain it that you were the victim of theft and that you successfully dealt with the criminal issues that resulted.  Better to answer honestly then to have someone question it in the future.  Once you explain it away honestly then it can't be held against you in the future.  Just my $.02.  


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