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QUESTION: do you need a layer to help fight against dom/battery, or can you obtain the propper forms yourself for motions?  NV, US.

ANSWER: Richie,

No.  You have the right to represent yourself.  The clerk of court and/or your county law library can assist you in obtaining the necessary form templates to respond.  It will not be very easy but pro se or self-help should be available.  


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QUESTION: It's a suspended sentence, and waived of right for speedy trial was stated by the judge. I plead guilty.  The clerk of court gave me a call before and explained me my plea bargain and verbally stated "Public defender" as her title, is this the same as clerk of court, "law clerk at the court of appeals".  Any suggestions?,  can my civil rights be restored? and have the case dismissed?  Justice Court.

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No.  A public defender is an "Officer of the Court" but absolutely is not the Clerk of Courts.  She may be a law clerk though in the Public Defender's Office.  If you already plead guilty it may be hard to undo.  What you can do is petition the court to expunge the charges from your record now that you have a disposition.  Look to your local court for an example of how the petition is prepared.  If you have any questions consult an attorney.


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