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The other night my roommate and I got into a fight and I called the police and told them that she stole meds from her work which is a retirement home. What really happened was she accidentally brought them home. I want to call the police officer in the morning and tell him that I lied so she won't get in trouble for stealing. However, I am not sure what I should exactly say to make sure I won't get in so much trouble. Also I was drunk when this happened and the police do not know that and I am sure if I say that then it will get me in more trouble because I was underage. I just need some advice on what to say because I need to tell them that she did not steal the pills because she could lose her assistance with medications license.


That is quite a predicament.  You should tell the police officer exactly what you are telling me.  There are occasions and instances when people argue and fight.  He or she will understand.  The truth is always the best route to use.  I don't see any real way to sugarcoat this one.  Follow your conscience.  I think it will keep you in good stead.  


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