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I am curious to know if a charge can be dismissed do to "lack of a speedy trial? Back in december I was asked to give a statement. but ultimately was charged with conspiracy.  in short..7 months later I'm being arraigned. . seems like awfully. long time.  someone working on a trailor for us had been in trouble and police made there move when they arrived at the job. was extremely shocked and unaware. truly hoping I get dismissed.  is that possible due to timeframe? Thank you.


Sorry for the delay.  The "speedy trial rule" actually attaches when the arrest process begins or for you, when you were arraigned.  The rule has roots in making sure that prisoners don't languish in holding cells and are forgotten.  Now the prosecution has approximately 180 days or so to get you to trial depending upon your State.  If possible, I would highly encourage that you consult with a qualified attorney in your area to help you as this sounds like a serious charge.  


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