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QUESTION: Hi,here is my question to you.My neighbors and I don't get along because I like to keep to myself and mind my own business.I bother no one,pay my taxes and keep maintenance regularly around my property.Things escalated few years back resulting in my lawn being trashed and deliberate loose trash from them likesupermarket plastic grocey/shopping bags,paper plates,bottles,etc.I installed
cctv cameras and that put a curb on things.I no longer have a no tresspass sign on my property.Currently,the harassment is,when I clean up my property and in front of it,I start seeing trash
(curbside) when there were none and it makes it to mine.I think I may need to get coverage near my mailbox so I can see up/down my street to catch this? Just the other day my lawn was mowed before noon(neighbors were home)and later that evening after 6pm these neighbors pull up in their car with a young male that looks to be around maybe 15 years old walking down the street who was obiviously operating with the neighbor to do the trespass,
deliberately stepon the curbside and cut through my lawn while looking directly at the neighbors who were in the car behind him  and holding up some type of sign with his hand as gesture to let them know he's done it.The other neighbor that lives there pulls out the driveway simultaneously while this is taking place as if they were on mobile phones talking the scene.They proceeded down the street as the boy started doing this happy dance or whatever to prove badness,the neighbor car made a right turn and so did the hoodlum.I'm clearly guessing he was picked up around the corner.
Its all on surveillance is there anything I can do with it or is it just heresay footage? Thank You

ANSWER: Bobby,

There is no such thing as "hearsay footage".  Film is film and what it shows could be evidence.

You have not mentioned any involvement with the police.  If this has been going on for some time don't you think its time to call the police and tell them everything that has been going on over these years?

They will be better able to guide you through the laws in your state and determine which laws have been broken (if any).

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The authorities are aware of the issues I've had ongoing with different neighbors/tenants moving into the rentals in my neighborhood.The neighbor in question has lived here for 5 years and were one of the main serial litterbugs until I got the surveillance,they still try though.But,can this walk-through trespass be looked at as criminal accomplice evidence? What would you do,or should I just wait for it to happen again to make a case more solid? Thanks for all your time and evaluation..

I really don't think that there is such thing as an "accomplice" in a misdemeanor crime.  At least in my state there isn't.

Have the trespassers been warned?  Have you talked to these people?

In my state a trespasser has to be warned to stay off another persons property before it becomes a crime.  In your state?  I don't know.

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