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QUESTION: Respected Sir,
 Greetings! Hope things good at your end. With due respect, can i ask you a question concerning facts ??


ANSWER: Bilal,

Yes.  That would be fine.    

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QUESTION: Jeffrey thanks a zillion ! . Here is my question : When the facts are omitted how could we state possible versions of omitted facts and indicate their legal consequences? . I just not have examples so i am having problem comprehending this issue.



If I am understanding you correctly you will have to work out a course of action for each scenario where you plug in the facts and then determine what the legal consequences are for each one.  If there is a specific legal consequence that you have to arrive at then research the facts that are necessary to bring about that specific legal end.  For example, if the desired legal consequence is 1st Degree Murder, then the facts you must plug in are: Intent, deliberation and premeditation, and malice aforethought, and the physical act itself.        


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