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QUESTION: during search of premises from search warrant ,of four individuals present none were asked for identification .one person even volunteered that he had outstanding warrants still no ID checks seized money which never was counted supposedly  drugs were said to have been found but never shown to anyone to claim or deny . before search was finished person who told of having active warrants was asked if he would like to go home he did so they let him leave there was no radio communication at all during the search i informed the lead officer that there was a home invasion the night before at this residence and with one of the occupants of the house today was robbed ( a female was threatened to be killed if she told police) i gave lead officer the name od the assailant the female knew him but not the other two there were three.after only 42 minutes the police exited as fast as they came leaving with cash it was the only thing that was shown to us no said drugs were ever seen there were no pictures or videos taken of anyone or anything they left a list of seized items handwritten on a green scrap paper from steno book there was no carbon paper to make a copy i have only copy  two of us were fingerprinted  then they left no one was arrested taken in for questioning nothing 14 months later i a,m being charged with numerous drug charges do you think any rights were violated by only one list of seized items by letting person leave not affording him the right to aknowledge any ownership of any drugs supposedly found or anything police questioned they also said they found two firearms which i had no knowledge of one was stolen they said but as they were leaving he said he was leaving me one of the guns which i still said wasnt mine i would appreciate your input on if ther might have been anything done to make it an illegal search and seizure

ANSWER: What was the search warrant for?

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QUESTION: Methamphetimime And all related items paraphernalia etc

As long as the police had a search warrant I can't pick out any violations of law.  All of the activity of the police while at the scene has nothing to do with search and seizure.  If they choose not to take photos, etc, then its their problem.

It sounds like that it was a long-lasting investigation and perhaps after 14 months they had enough evidence to arrest everyone who was involved instead of one at a time.

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