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Hi I live in Chicago. I had been living with my boyfriend (fiancee) for 2 years. We have broken up and I was planning on getting back with him. I went online to Chicago Cook county and typed his name in and found all these arrest records, petty misdemeanors, and housing apartment evictions, and some real estate property he bought years ago. This was in several different states, not just Illinois. All the court documents popped up. However I could not open all of them in other states but some of them came up.

Is there a website where I can look and find all the court records and read the documents? I have all the Court Case ID numbers and stuff like that.

Or do I have to do a paid criminal background check, and how much does the cheapest one cost. I'm low on funds.

thank u.


Yes, Cook County allows an open search of it's criminal and civil repository.  My suggestion would be to call the courthouse in each state (other than IL) and request FULL copies of the dockets and read them to find out what is behind each case.  That course of action will cost you some money but not too much and it will provide you the details that you need.  A private detective would conduct the same search.  It sounds like you have a pretty good profile and understanding of his background.  If you pay for a search online you will most likely receive little or no information and be disappointed.

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