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my neighbor spread rumors about me and it effected my employemtne and I had to move   her husband is an under cover cop and thinks she has power over me.  it effected my pt job and she had everyone doing crazy things around me. she knew where I was going and  it followed me. I wanted to get married and she is doing this to ruin me.  I am realizing that she is doing this to get me commitment into a mental health ward.  I NEED HELP  I WAS AN UNDERWRITER IN THE MORTGAGE FIELD AND SHE HAS PPL AROUND ME DOING CRAZY THINGS.   I LIVE WITH PARENTS AND SADLY I WAS LOOKING TO DATE AND SHE HAD OTHERS NEIGHBORS LISTEN TO ME AND TOLD PPL I WAS HORNY.  THIS NEGATIVELY EFFECTED MY WHOLE LIFE.  I NEED ASSISTANCE.


Your issue is civil in nature meaning that you would need an attorney to sue this person in civil court for whatever torts apply in your state.  Do not be surprised if you have trouble finding an attorney to handle such a case.  It is because its almost impossible to convince a jury that your reputation has been damaged in the community and the chances of collecting any damages from the defendant.

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If you are an author asking for help I will gladly assist you. I do expect a reasonable donation using the Paypal feature. Please do NOT ask questions about potential jail sentences that you or your friends may receive in court. court. There is no way for me to know that. Only a judge could answer a question like that. I am also NOT a probation officer or parole officer so I cannot answer questions that relate to parole or probation. Also please keep in mind that every state has different laws. If you are planning to ask a question about a specific law or criminal charge that pertains to your state only it could be difficult to answer. I also cannot give you legal advice on what to do or what not to do in court. Retired police officer with 26 years experience. Worked in the patrol division as well as over 14 years in the detective bureau. Investigated a wide range of crime such as murder, rape, robbery, theft, fraud, missing persons, and other very sensitive crimes. I am available to answer your questions about criminal law and especially as it applies to police work. I taught at the police academy for several years and am especially knowledgeable about search and seizure. Any question about criminal law is welcome! Please don't ask me to do your homework or ask me questions that obviously come from your teachers or professors. I also do not do online interviews or surveys. Young people need to gain face to face interviewing skills. Local police officers usually are very agreeable to assist in these assignments.


I am a retired police officer with 26 years experience. I investigated almost every type of crime including murder, rape, theft, missing persons, fraud, and domestic abuse. I am very knowledgeable about search and seizure and taught at the police academy for several years on a variety of subjects. I can answer questions that a lot of attorneys cannot since they do not have "street experience".

Bachelor of Science degree in Criminolgy from the University of Maryland.

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