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Criminal Law/Finding Correct Address Of Woman Who Rear Ended My Jeep With Her Car


Hello Mr.Toomey.

I was stopped in city traffic when a woman struck the rear end of my Jeep on 12-02-2015, severely damaging my rear bumper. She was driving in her mother-in-law's car whose insurance had expired on it in October 2015. The mother-in-law has told me twice since 12-05-2015 that the daughter-in-law (the driver), has gone to Washington to try and get the money to fix my car, of which I believe is a fabrication. The estimate for my bumper replacement is $624.80. I wish to take this woman,(the driver), and her mother-in-law, (the car owner), to small claims court. The daughter-in-law gave me her home and business address, that I later found out, was her mother-in-law's home and business address.
I must give the small claims court the mother-in-law's correct address and the daughter-in-law's correct address for civil warrants to be delivered to because I shall be suing both of them in small claims court.
The problem I am anticipating is emailing the mother-in-law and asking her only for her daughter-in-law's correct address. It may spook the mother-in-law that I may be proceeding with a court action and she may protectively not wish to tell me the daughter-in-law's correct address for the civil warrants to be delivered to.
In such an event, then how can I go about obtaining the daughter-in-law's correct address through public records or by other means?

Thank you for any help.

Mike E.

There are numerous websites that provide just what you are looking for.  Some are free, some cost a couple of dollars, while others are more expensive.  I've found several of my military friends that way.

Have you tried googling the person's name?  Hopefully it is a common name.

Another way is using MVA.  Not all MVA's will do this but in MY state, for a small fee, they will look up someone's address if you can convince them that it is for legal purposes and that you are not a nut case.

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