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Dear Dr:

I am 14 years old and I live in mexico. lately Ive felt strange around a gardner that works in my house. When I tell this to some people, they laugh and say Im crazy. Pedro has worked for my family since before I was born. His father is also a handyman around the house. Ive never really questioned his behavior until recently.

He is 37 and has never spoken to a woman outside of my house. Tobias, a chofer in my house, takes advantage of him. not in a sexual way, he just orders him around and makes him do all of his share of work for him (he's also the handyman). Pedro`s father is a very disagreeable man. He is always angry and in a horrible mood. He doesn't want his son to meet a girl because "she will take his money."

Pedro is a pushover. He is scolded, called names, and made fun of by Tobias and his own father. He is very distracted and not very clever. Lots of people tell me he's too dumb to be dangerous. I  think he's got ADD.

I think its weird that he's never even talked to a female before.

He is polite to the maids in my house because he's grown used to them. Im home schooled, so my classes are at home. When my female teachers started to come, he would hide. Now that he's used to them, he is polite like with the maids.

Ive been suspicious. They yell and nag and insult him, and he just nods and does what he's told. Tobias tells him to wash his car, he washes it. He tells him to get him coffee, he hurries and gets it.

The other day, I walked around the garden very early in the morning and I found him asleep in one of the lawn chairs I didn't think that was off, because sometimes when he works too late, he stays.

I saw a bunch of what I thought were postcards scattered around him. I went closer to look and I saw his hand IN HIS PANTS!!! I thought he fell asleep like that because it was freezing at night. I looked at them and they were photos. the cheap kind from a disposable camera (That was odd, he said he didn't know what a camera was).

I looked at them and I almost vomited. there were 2 of women from afar or from behind (as if he stalked them) and the rest were of women with severed parts of fingers, hands, or feet INSIDE THEIR PRIVATES!!!!

I told my nanny and then my mom. My nanny says he's so dim, he probably just found them somewhere. My mom says he took them from someone and doesn't know what they mean. THEY BOTH THINK THEYRE FROM MOVIES OR VIDEOGAMES!!!

the worst part is that he knows someone saw them. Needless to say, he's hidden them, but I'm still scared.


Im afraid of him seeing me and knowing. Im terrified of ending up as horrible as the girls in the pictures.

I really don't think the photos are fake. The fact that he fell asleep masturbating to them gives me the creeps.

Im so scared, I keep a knife from the kitchen in the drawer beside my bed.

What do you think?

Do you think I really am hallucinating about him and what I saw?

How do I convince someone if he's actually dangerous?

Please write back soon!!!


I am very sorry that it has taken so long to answer, my computer was broken and it has taken a while to buy another computer  and get it set up.

I was not disturbed much by the masturbation in the garden when you came upon as it is natural in all people, men and women to masturbate. But I am very disturbed by the pictures that you found scattered around him. Perhaps he printed them from a porn site on the Internet but they may also be preparation for victimizing some woman. You and I both cannot tell from what you saw.

This  is going to be very difficult but you need to report your sighting to the police. They can find out if he is just a porn addict or if he has mutilated and killed other women. Sex Offenders rehearse their actions before they carry them out. I am afraid that might be what is going on. His personality fits a sex offender type, very shy, does not talk back to people and appears afraid of everyone.  

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