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I'm not certain whether you can help me with my question, but I thought I might ask anyway. I have an honours bachelor of science with high distinction in psychology. I have a strong and impressive undergraduate background, including federal grant funding and an international award for my research. I recently entered a masters program in experimental psychology, thinking that I wanted to pursue academia as a career. However, now that I'm here, I don't think it is the correct path for me. Instead, I am interested in pursuing law enforcement, and specifically specializing in detective work for major crimes.

My major question is whether voluntary withdrawal from my masters program would create a hurdle for me in terms of securing a high level law-enforcement position (after constable work, of course). I'm concerned that it will be perceived as a lack of commitment, motivation, ambition, etc.

My other concern of course is that I withdraw from my program, pursue police training, and then find out I don't like it. Is it ever possible to shadow detectives?

Thank You!


I understand your concerns.  It is my recommendation that you stay in school and request to intern during the Summer (or when you can) with local police departments in your area.  Then you can get a feel for the job and you can justify your request for an internship as a student.  You can also be an asset to the Criminal Justice community by providing forensic psychology services and/or counseling to officers, etc.  Just a few thoughts.  

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