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Good day
I have the following questions.
With reference to criminals there are the blue collar type (stealing cars, shoplifting etc.) then there are the white collar types. From studying history something became apparent to me that there is another type of criminal. This is the type that is at the highest levels of society and usually people who make the rules and society depends on. An example would be Hitler and there are dozens of other examples.
Unfortunately these types of criminals are the ones who possess the political and legal authority and are rarely caught.
My questions are:
1. What is common among these types of criminals ie. experiences that caused them to be this way, brain dyfunction, mental issues etc. Are there any books, resources that gives further insights into understanding this type
2. Compared to petty criminal (blue collar), is the root cause of criminal behavior the same in the case of this type?

Hi, Mahabir, I don't think the research shows that there are significant personality differences between these 'types' of criminals - based on the type of 'crime' that they do. Don't forget that crimes are not black and white - they only become crimes when laws are passed. Also, don't forget that the amount of time spent on criminal behavior is only a small part of their lives. The research shows that there are many causal factors of crime - from societal factors that encourage violence or corruption, to community, family, and individual factors. There are also societal differences in punishment - that's why the u.s. has the worlds highest prison rate. the short answer - its complicated

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Any questions in the area of Forensic Psychology. I am not a criminologist nor an FBI Behavioral Analyst. "WHY" questions are particularly difficult to answer scientifically (i.e., why do people commit crimes?).


I have been doing forensic psychology for 15+ years, both evaluations, and treatment. I have particularly focused on disability evaluations and criminal competency.

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