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My question is: Why incestuous relationship between first cousins becomes prevalent in the society? Here in my country, first cousin marriage is considered as taboo. But what are the psychological factors why it still occurs?

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The truth is that type of relationship becomes prevalent because it is tolerated.  The taboos are in place to ensure that bloodlines do not become stagnant, to minimize genetic problems with potential children, and to have individuals not simply take familiar faces as brides and grooms but to search out new relationships in order to bring in greater wealth and opportunity to a family.  There are other reasons as well, but usually this is covered by statute (law) but has roots in religious law as well.  Reference The Law of Consanguinity (blood).  Why does it still occur?  Perhaps it is the psychological condition of building a relationship with cousins or kin since childhood which also includes and creates trust, etc.  That familiarity can be reassuring as the history of the potential bride or groom is known.  


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