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Hi , do you think I will go to heaven? Because I haven't been doing what the bible says we are supposed to be doing.  I know its a silly question. But I would just like to know your answer. :)   && Thank You For Reading This.


Only God can answer that; it is He who judges the heart.  All of us are sinners, and while we may hope in Christ, we should yet strive to endure, lest we be "Disqualified," (1 Cor 9:27); for if no less a man that St. Paul could fear that he lose his salvation in sin, surely we ought to be wary of being presumptuous!

-J.M.J. West

Critics of Catholicism

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I can give answers based upon historical, scriptural and logical evidence IN FAVOR OF the Catholic Church.


I am a convert (revert) to the faith, and act as the Director of Catechesis and Evangelization at a prominent Catholic college in the MidWest.

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