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A friend from the other JW forum wrote at 2013-11-26 00:36:26
It is very hard to answer such a question when we do not have both sides of  the story.  She has not told us why she is not welcome. IS it because her father has a lot of influence and  has told  a different story and because of his influence people believe him?  Is it public knowledge at all what happened?  did the girl and here mom stop living with the man and people see that as them abandoning the family without knowing all the circumstances

From what the little detail from the one asking the question it appears as if  for some reason proper procedures have not been followed by the responsible men in the congregation or the congregation itself.

I understand the anger of the young lady.  that sort of injustice happens all to often  in ALL walks of life. The girl and her mother should report any abuse to the police.  there is nothing stopping any JW from doing so.

It does not matter where we pray as long as we pray.  perhaps she could go to another hall. At any rate she should know that God is the judge of us and he knows the injustices and that he cares.  

Jeff wrote at 2013-11-28 00:02:00
The problem is that the watchtower is stuck on this "we are the only channel to God stuff" so it can leave people very discouraged.  (By the way the watchtower's teaching on this is 100% unscriptural)

I do have to agree with you on one point and that is it does not matter where we pray but it does matter who we pray to.  Are we praying to God who is full of grace and offers salvation as a 100% free gift through Jesus Christ, or do we say in a man-made outfit that teaches that salvation comes through advertising for the watchtower.

A friend from the other JW forum wrote at 2013-11-29 02:45:36
Hello Jeff and other readers,

It seems you have some distorted views of JWs.  You are under the impression that JWs teach .... "in a man-made outfit that teaches that salvation comes through advertising for the watchtower.".....  That is just so untrue. If anyone reading this wants to get both sides of the story which is a prudent thing to do before you make a judgement by all means ask Jeff his view then go to the other JW forum and, make sure you ask one the JWs there and not one of the critics of JWs on that site.  Also ask  Jeff here about why he thinks that JWs do not see    "salvation as a 100% free gift through Jesus Christ" which by the way JWs teach and find out exactly what JWs do teach about salvation, what we are being saved from, how we are being saved.

Jeff is a critic and he has every right to be so, but, his criticism is  due to misguided  information.  The web site he point people to is full of errors.

Jeff wrote at 2013-11-30 17:24:46
Clearly A Friend and I are not in agreement with the watchtower's view of salvation.  

A Friend said, "salvation as a 100% free gift through Jesus Christ" which by the way JWs teach and find out exactly what JWs do teach about salvation"  This is contradictory to watchtower literature.  If you look at the Watchtower Magazine Feb 15, 1983, pg 12 you will find that, according to the watchtower there are 4 requirements to salvation. 1. prayer, 2. obey God's laws 3. associate with God's channel (the watchtower) 4. tell people about the watchtower's teaching   Here is the exact words of the article from the watchtower:

Please do not be deceived here, the Bible teaches that salvation is a wonderful gift from God that is 100% by the grace of God.  Eph. 2.  The Bible goes on to say that anything that we do is not part of salvation.  By looking at the watchtower's own literature, you will quickly find that they teach something else.

Here is another article that goes into more detail on the watchtower's unbiblical 4 step plan to God.  This teaching is not my opinion but taken from their own literature.

jeff wrote at 2013-11-30 17:34:39
One more thing.  If we are going to have an intelligent dialogue here please try to do 2 things.

1. Please give specific examples and do not just say "the web site he point people to is full of errors."  

2. Please do not call me misguided and try to say that the watchtower teachers salvation 100% by the grace of God when your own literature contradicts that.  

Critics of Jehovah`s Witnesses

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Have you noticed that the watchtower is using more "Christian" lingo. They are playing down some of their more radical beliefs. Even though Jehovah witnesses may be sounding more "Christian" do not be deceived. They still believe that Jesus was a created angel and that eternal life can only be achieved through service to the watchtower. This and many other unscriptural believes are still entrenched in their doctrine. With that being said, I am familiar with Watchtower doctrine and I am happy to look at how this doctrine lines up with the Bible. I am not into taking out one verse here and there but I believe that all Scripture must be interpreted in context. Some may say for example that the trinity is pagan in origin and that it was made up in the 4th century. (There is simply no evidence for this.) The Bible clearly reveals that God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit are 100% God. Phil 1:2, John 1:1, 14, Col 2:9, Acts 5:3-4. If the watchtower is "God's visible organization", then why does the organization lie so much? Want documented proof of their deception, visit: I would be happly to answer any questions or to agree with you in prayer.


I am a Bible believing Christian and have been for 36 years. I have relatives who are Jehovah's witnesses so I know about the stress on families that this can cause.

I am actively involved in my church where I lead a Bible study and am involved in the sound tech crew.

Sorry for using "I" so much. My undergraduate degree is in Theology and I have a Masters in Educational leadership.

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