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QUESTION: Hello Igor. I was googling my great grandmother's surname (Tribuljak), and came across a question that someone had asked you about this same name. They mentioned that their family member named Tribuljak was from Nasice in Croatia. My great grandmother (Magdalena Tribuljak) was also from Nasice (Markovac), and came over in August of 1906. I am guessing that this may be the same person. You responded with a list of Croatian Tribuljak's and their phone numbers, which I will be using to try to contact my family before we travel to Europe this summer. I was wondering if it might be possible for me to be able to communicate with this person who asked you this question? I believe they are probably family of mine! Let me know how this can be done. Thank you so much!

ANSWER: I have sent the message to the person who asked me this question 6 years ago. Hope she answers. Send mi a private message with email for contact with her.

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QUESTION: Igor. Thank you so much for forwarding this on! I am hopeful that she will still have that email address!  My email is . Let me know if you hear from her. It would be amazing if I were able to meet family here in the US, and even better if I can meet family still in Croatia!

ANSWER: I still did not received any email-feedback from person that asked me for help with Tribuljak family. When-if she contact me I will inform you as soon as possible.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Did you get me email address?  I noticed that they deleted it from the thread (which I understand). Just want to be sure you received it in case you hear from the Tribuljak lady.  I am still hoping to see the Tribuljak's in Croatia this summer, and other relatives (Kovac) on Serbia.  Thanks again and I hope I hear something soon!  Take care, Igor!!

Unfortunately I don't get direct contacts of questioners, so we must wait that they read email-form sent by You can send me your email as private message in form yourname(at)domain(dot)com, and I will notify you as soon as I get contacted by requested person.


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