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Hi Igor. My mother now dead was born in 1921 and always said her parents were Serbo-Croatian. I never knew what that meant really--her father's name was Peter Sijan, her mother's maiden name was Mary Peric.
A Serbian I casually met told me that it is possible Sijan may be a name of Arabic origin. Would you have any information on that or know how I could find out? Thank you so much--

Šijani are mostly Serbs, mostly from the area of Knin, but are often Croats (Osijek). Relatively most of Šijan's, in last hundred years was born in Prljevo and Kupirovo near Knin, places where one in three people last name is Šijan. In Croatia today there are about two hundred Šijan's in about a hundred households. In the middle of the last century there were about three hundred, and their number has to date declined by as much as one-fifth. So no, Šijan has nothing to do with Arabic.

Perić's mostly Croats, mostly from eastern Herzegovina, and rarely are they Serbs (around Duga Resa). Relatively most Perić in the last hundred years was born in east hercegovina Stolac, where every twentieth inhabitant surname is Perić. In Croatia today there are about eight thousand Perić in more than two thousand households (20th name to number). In the middle of the last century there were about four thousand, and their number has doubled.  


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