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Hello Marla~ I don't have a question, but rather an observation, lol. I was reading your technique on how to join rounds without that ugly 'seam' developing in each row. Good advice! I also noticed that you are an ALA member! I'm a member of Post 81 in Duncanville, Tx...a good friend of mine is also a member of ALA and is crocheting along with me. We've been participating in local craft shows and venues over the past few months, and I tell's nice to have a fellow crocheter with you when the crowds are thin. I'm always looking for ways to make my work look nicer, and your tip is one that I'll keep handy!

Hi Carrie!
Thanks for the note. Its good to hear from another member from another state. I am currently working on a lap robe to send to the veterans hospital. I'm almost finished with it and hopefully will have it done by this Thursday's meeting. It is just a simple one: multicolored double crochet.
Good luck in your craft shows!



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I have crocheted many doilies, I enjoy working with crochet thread. I have crocheted numerous afghans. But I have little to no experience in the afghan stitch, or hairpin lace. If you have a question pertaining to a pattern in a magazine, book or leaflet, please include the name and # of it, and the page or pattern #. There is a slight possibility I may have that pattern, and can refer to it. Nearly all of my crochet magazines, leaflests, etc are over 5 years old. Many are from the 80's and before. Although I have crocheted sweaters and slippers,I don't feel I have done enough of them to really give good advice as to assembling the pieces, but can give advice on the type of stitches.


I have been a crocheter for over 30 years.

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At a county fair one time I did win a crochet contest, and another time at the county fair I reccived a crochet award. and a few times I have won a "high points" award in crochet.

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