What does it mean to chain 3 then dc in next stitch and in each stitch around?  I do this and im supposed to have 36dc total but keep coming up with 39dc.. Im lost.. please explain in simplest form possible.. Thanks

Hi Holly!
Thanks for asking! It sounds like you are making something round, or at least something that starts out round. What this means is to first chain 3. This counts as the first dc. Then you dc in the next stitch, and each stitch in the circle of stitches until you get back to where you started. Sometimes the very first stitch you see after the ch 3 looks like you should crochet in it, but is not necessarily the one you stitch in. If you send me the instructions for this up to where you are having trouble, I will try to make sense of it, and explain it more clearly. Please let me know!



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