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I am crocheting a baby afghan from Leisure Arts Leaflet 3015, in particular afghan #2.  It is a shell stitch pattern and row 2 is repeated to get the pattern.  My questions is as follows:  What does it mean when directions read 3dc in sp before last dc, leave last dc unworked??  Do I only do 2dc instead of 3?  If so, why did they write 3dc?  Please advise if I work 3dc or 2dc.  Thanks you.

Hi Corinne!
Thanks for asking! For the shell afghans I have made, I've made 3 dc in the last dc, but this could be a different way of making a shell afghan. It looks like that instead of 3 dc in the last dc (usually the ch 3 at the start of the previous row) you make 3 dc in the last space. When shells are a group of 5 dc, a "half shell" is made at the end, and is usually 3 dc. If this doesn't make sense, please send me the instructions for the first row, so I can get a better idea of what is going on.  Good luck!



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I have crocheted many doilies, I enjoy working with crochet thread. I have crocheted numerous afghans. But I have little to no experience in the afghan stitch, or hairpin lace. If you have a question pertaining to a pattern in a magazine, book or leaflet, please include the name and # of it, and the page or pattern #. There is a slight possibility I may have that pattern, and can refer to it. Nearly all of my crochet magazines, leaflests, etc are over 5 years old. Many are from the 80's and before. Although I have crocheted sweaters and slippers,I don't feel I have done enough of them to really give good advice as to assembling the pieces, but can give advice on the type of stitches.


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