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Crochet/Is this knitting or crochet?


Good morning.

I have never knitted nor crochet... it looks to be magic, to be honest, and I've pretty well contented myself with avoiding the both of them. However, I found a pattern for a crochet-plushie toaster from a favorite story of mine, and nobody I know crochets, so I'm going to have to learn to make it. I was looking up videos on how to, and then referencing back. One part on the pattern it says:

scrap yarn in BEIGE and PINK
US 8 knitting needles
US F5/3.75 mm crochet hook
yarn needle
Pastry (make 2)
R1: knit
R2: purl
R3-30: rep rows 1 & 2 until piece measures about 5-1/2
Icing (make 1)
In PINK, make slip knot, place on hook, ch 13
R1: sc in back loop of 2nd st from chain on hook, sc across in back loops, ch 2
R2: turn work, sc across in back loops, ch 2
R3-15: rep rows 1 & 2 until piece measures about 4. Fasten off.

....why do I need knitting needles, if this is crochet? Is the pattern wrong? Do I need to learn knitting in addition to the crochet? Is this knitting? I am so confused by this, any guidance you can provide would be most welcome. Please and thank you.


Thanks for the question.

This is a dual pattern - both crochet and knitting.

It's in this fashion, because of the look. The pastries needs to be more like a piece of solid fabric (no holes) and knitting can accomplish that. The rest is textures, and crochet can accomplish that part.

The Knitting is a simple stitch, to create the smooth "pastry" Goggle knit stitch / purl stitch or even stockinet stitch and it will demonstrate how to accomplish that element of it.

Good luck

Happy Hooking



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