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Crochet/boarder on a ripple pattern blanket


pittsburgh ripple blanket
pittsburgh ripple blan  
QUESTION: I am making a lapgan for my son as a travel size blanket but as I get further on it I have noticed I made it about 6 inches too short length wise. Now I am over half done and do not want to take it out and start over but I am not sure the best way to fix the problem. The blanket is going to be a sports theme blanket so I had the idea to put a boarder on and put the sports team name on two boarders but because it is a ripple on top and bottom I was not sure how that will look on a final product. Please help I am new to this but want to make my son of 10 something he will know I worked hard on. Thank you.
I sent a pic of the product but is is still only half done. Thanks again

ANSWER: Hello Aubrey

Thanks for the question.

I am assuming it's to short with wise. If it's length. Then just add rows.

I would suggest to do a side border only and leave top and bottom alone. That will keep the wave patter on the top and bottom,  you can also do sides and top and leave the bottom alone.

Hopefully this will help. Should you need any assistance please let me know.

Happy hooking


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

yes sorry you are right I meant it is too short width wise.and thank you for the answer but do you think putting text into the border and the three colored ripples will make the blanket too busy?


Sorry for the delay.

If you do the sides, I don't think it will. Now another option is do the top and sides, and only do the text only on the top. If you are only doing the sides, then I would place the text with the bottom of the words facing the inner blanket.

Hope this helps.

Happy hooking



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