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QUESTION: Hi, I'm sort of new to crochet. I have a pattern for leg warmers and right at the beginning I'm stuck.  It says "chain 30, join with slip stitch to form ring, chain 2, do not turn, then row 1 says single crochet in EACH chain, join with slip stitch in top of chain 2"  If I single crochet in EACH chain, that would include both of the chains in the "chain 2 do not turn" right?  Wouldn't that stick up and look weird?  Shouldn't the pattern say to single crochet in each of the STARTING (30) chains instead of in EACH chain which includes the 2 extra chains done after joining the ring?  I hope I'm making sense.  If you have a super simple legwarmer pattern I'll love to hear about it!  Thank you, take care,


ANSWER: Laurie

Thanks for the question

The chain two you do not do any stitches, you would do the sc on the foundation chain.

It's interesting to me that is stating a chain two, then single crotchets. Usually if you are doing a row of sc, it's usually chain one. Is this an English, or British pattern? The stitches for British are a bit different.

Hope this helps. Should you need any assistance, please let me know.

Happy hooking


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Ed, I appreciate your help so much.  It took me a long time to find this page again or I would have thanked you much sooner!  I have another question about the same pattern (I think it's an American one, to answer your question) When it says do not turn, how do you start crocheting in the chain you just made if you don't turn the chain around?  You would be crocheting into air!  Sorry for being so dumb!  Thank you!


Hello Laurie:

Thanks for the question.

No, the chain 2 is to establish the height, so you don't get a wonky end/start. So in other words, the chain 2 is a sc. When it states not to turn, since you joined and created a circle, you just continue in the same direction, that way the stitches all look the same, and you will have a right and wrong side, that looks the same.

Google "crochet leg warmer free pattern" you will get some great hits and be able to find a good pattern.

Hope this helped. Should you need any assistance, please let me know.

Happy Hooking



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