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Curved Scarf
Curved Scarf  
Hello, Every time I crochet what I call a vertical scarf, it curves.  For example, lets say I chain 300 and then I chain an extra 3, then I double crochet the first row.  I chain 3, turn and start my 1st real double crochet in the space after the chain 3 before the turn and finish out row 2. I do row 3 and etc...  Then when I look at my scarf it has curved.  What am I doing wrong?    It's like my first row is to tight or something, but I have tried to loosen my first row.  Any way you can assist is appreciated. Thank you, Priscilla.

Hi Priscilla,

Like you said the main reason that a scarf that is crocheted vertically would curve is because your tension is too tight. I typically find when I am crocheting something as long as a scarf if I do a straight crochet pattern it will curve a little more on me. I will often do a more loopy or lace like pattern so that the tension looks better.

Have you tried blocking it yet? This may or may not help as there is quite a pronounced curve but sometimes the pattern will always curve or warp somewhat before you block it.

Another idea (if you are willing to go back this far) is to try to chain your first row with a bigger size hook and then finish the rest.

Finally it is occasionally just the way the pattern is. Especially with straight crochet it is almost impossible not to get a curve in your work when it is that long.

Hope this gives you some ideas to try,



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