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There are great tutorials on crocheting circles but they all seem to stop at round 4 or so.  I get the idea of increasing but my circle though nicely flat start to be a hexagon which I don't want at all.  

I'm guessing but unsure...that the problems come when the new row is started and the last row increases don't end up even to start the next row.  I prefer not to see an obvious increase seam if possible in the same place each round.  Making large floor cushions at the high # rows crocheting with t-shirt yarn's hard to figure out where I am going wrong.  Have ripped it all out about 12 times....going crazy ! :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  The row change isn't very clear in all the tons of info on single crochet circles on the net. I've used a row marker but just can't figure out what to do when I don't end up with increase formula not working out evenly at the end of the row beg of next row.  Sorry if I didn't make that clear enough...probably just repeating myself!
Thanks in advance.

Hey Stephanie,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to your question. I kind of cheat when I make single crochet in the round. I have only ever made hats that way so a large floor cushion would be a little challenging (and I understand your frustration have encountered it many times working in the round) To be honest, the main thing I do when I don't meet up at the end is count all the stitches that I have in that row and do what I need at the end to make sure I have the right number. That might mean I have to increase five times in the last five stitches, but if you have to do that too many times it can mess up the look of the project.

When you are increasing do you increase every row? When you get to larger projects you may need to add a row or two of straight crochet between every increase row. This helps to smooth out the "corners" where you are increase, and may fix the problem of your project becoming to hexagonal.

Hope this helps,



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