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QUESTION: im making a baby bonnet and have hit a rnd that I need help with i have done the 1st thur the 5th round but am a little pizzed with the 6th thur 8th rnd it reads on rnd five to "repeat last rnd having 1sc more between increases every round until there are 48sc so I did this for rnd five and now I need to do rnd 6 thur 8 so does that mean that I do the same rnd for 6, 7, & 8 as I did for rnd five and they all have 48 sc on all of the next three rnds or do I have to increase the number more  rnd 1 thur 5 was all sc rnd 1 had 6sc, rnd2 had 12sc, rnd 3 had 18sc, rnd4 had 24sc and rnd 5 had 48sc now I'm stick on rnd 6 if it should be the same as rnd 5.  rnd 9 starts a different stitch as it reads ch 3 turn, 1dc in same st as slip st, *ch1  skip 1st 1dc on next st, ch1 skip 1st 2dc ch2 2dc all in next st (a shell) repeat from * around end ch1 skip 1 st 1dc in next st ch 1 skip 1 st 2more dc in same st as first dc ch2 slip st in to of ch 3 12 shells, does this mean that when I start rnd i add an extract stitch so I do 4 sc than 2 dc  on the next sc and back to 4 sc and than a 2 sc on the next sc an do on that means this rnd will have more sc than rnd five  is that correct any help will be greatly appreciated thanks Lydia

ANSWER: Lydia:

Thanks for the question.

Does the end of the rnd state how many stitches you should have? Based on what you wrote, the increase is a 6 stitch increase, so 5 should be 30, rnd 6 should be 36, rnd 7 should be 42. And round 8 should be 48. That gives the target number increase -48. So I am assuming that at end of round 8 you should have 48, to accommodate for round 9 new stitches.

Hopefully this will help. Should you need any assistance, please let me know.

Happy hooking


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QUESTION: thank you for your answer i understand what your saying, but am confussed with rnd five cause I did 48sc total so how would you have 48 again on rnd eight again. Im going to write the whole instructions to rnd five, but an answer to your question is yes it does state how many stitches you should have.  Bear wit me I'm just a beginner in this.  Here goes:

   ch 3, join w slip st into ring, ch 1 work 6 sc in ring, join with sl st
   rnd 2 ch 1, turn, work 2 sc in ea sc to end of round join 12 sc
   rnd 3 ch 1 turn, 1 sc in frist sc, *2 sc in next sc (an inc) 1 sc in next sc; repeat from * around, end 2 sc in last sc join 18 sc
   rnd 4 ch 1 turn 1 sc in first sc, *2 sc in next sc 1 sc in ea of next 2 sc repeat from  * around end 2 sc in last st join 24 sc
   repeat last round having 1 sc more between increases every round until there are 48 sc

   rnd 9 ch 3, turn 1 dc in same st as slip st *ch 1 skip 1 st 1 dc in next st ch 1 skip 1 st 2 dc ch 2 2 dc all in next st ( a shell); repeat from * around end ch 1 skip 1 st 1 dc in next st ch 1 skip 1 st 2 more dc in same st as first dc ch 2 slip st in top of ch 3 12 shells. My question is how can you have 48sc in rnd five and then have again on rnd 8. Maybe this will be more self explantory and make more scense  Thanks again


The increase is 6 per rnd till rnd 8, at that point you should have the 48 stitches. It's worded kind of vague, but that is what they mean. It's not 48 stitches at rnd 5, that will make the piece grow too fast and get ripples. In rnd 5 you should have 30, with a 6 stitch increase after each round, ending at rnd 8 with 48.  

Hope this helps.

Happy hooking



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