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Crochet/Wavy edges of afghan


I used to crochet a lot 20 years ago with no problems, and in fact, made this same baby afghan with no problems.

However, have now made it again and even after blocking, the edges are all wavy and it looks awful and I have to start over or abandon the project.

Can you tell me what I did wrong?

It said to use worsted weight, and I used "worsted 4" baby soft yarn.

It is 142 rows of afghan stitch, and it is embroidered, but I didn't get as far as the embroidery since the base looks horrible.

These are the instructions:
Background piece is worked in afghan stitch which requires a two-step technique of working forward and then backward across the entire width of the work in order to complete the sts of a row.  The first step is worked forward from right to left, drawing up lps all of which are left of the hook, then without turning the work, the second step is worked backward from left to right, locking each lp (bar) into an upright position.


Thanks for the question.

This is a tension issue. The tension needs to be kept even, now if the fiber is a natural fiber, it can slightly wave. That is why blocking is important.

You can alleviate some of the waving with blocking and steam, block it a straight as possible, then using steam, block it, let it dry and cool completely, then do it again. And let it dry completely before removing, this should alleviate the waves, now once you wash it, you will need to re-block.

Tension changes with the weather, material, and the type of stitch used. Just need to keep the stitches even and consistent, and the problem will go away.

Hope this helps, should you need any assistance, please let me know.

Happy hooking



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