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Crochet/Terry Kimbrough Baby Afghans blanket #2


I'm having trouble understanding a part in the body of the directions

Chain 82 loosely

Sc in second ch from hook, ch 3, skip next 3 chs, sc in next ch, ch3, skip next ch, sc in next ch, ch3, *(skip next 3 chs, sc in net ch, ch3) TWICE, skip next ch, sc in next ch, ch 3: repeat from *, across to last 4 chs, skip next 3 chs, sc in last ch, 25 sc and 24 ch-3 sps.

Ok here is my question in the directions above I got past everything up to the TWICE...   I for the life of me I don't understand what that means... do I chain 3 twice? It forms a hole for a DC Cluster and at the end of it all I have yet to come up with 25 sc and 24 ch-3 sps. Can you help out please... thank you.

Hello Evelyn:

Thanks for the question.

The pattern is stating that you repeat the item between the parenthesis twice - (skip next 3 chs, sc in net ch, ch3) - So in this case, when you repeat across, you repeat the instructions twice each time till you reach the end of the row. At the end you will have the proper stitch count.

I hope this helped. Should you need any further assistance, please let me know.

Happy hooking



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